Pants Off Dance Off – televised dance competition

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Pants Off Dance Off was a televised dance competition in which both male and female contestants stripped their clothes while dancing to popular songs. It was created and produced by Tad Low. This program first aired on Fuse TV in 2006 and featured five contestants each episode. During this time, the competitors trash talked each other in pop-ups on the television while the other performers were dancing. Much like the other reality shows, the viewers decide the fate of the contestants, in this case the audience does by sending in their vote via text message in order to select the winner for that episode. In the third season, the audience participation was cut and a panel of judges decided on the winner. The winning contestant received a $200 cash prize as well as a chance to return in a championship round at the end of the season.

The show features a variety of contestants and welcomes all shapes, sizes, and experience levels. Some of the contestants are amateur strippers while others are serious dancers looking for their fifteen minutes of fame. Pants Off Dance Off showcased both real talent as well as hilarious spectacles where contestants simply generated a great laugh! Each contestant is referred to as a “pancer.”

The Pants Off Dance Off was first hosted by the popular internet celebrity Tila Tequila. The second season was then hosted by Jodie Sweetin, popular child star from “full House.” The third season was to be hosted by Willa Ford, but the show came to a halt midway through the season during February of 2008. It was during this time that a two day marathon of Pants Off Dance Off was played titled “The Last Strip”. In October of 2009, a version of Pants Off Dance off was launched in the U.K. on an MTV Channel titled Viva. Unlike the original Pants Off Dance Off, this show features no cash prize and no overall winner.

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Pants Off Dance Off – Dance Contest

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Pants Off Dance Off is a popular dance contest. The show first premiered on April 18, 2006, on Fuse. Its popularity reached amazing levels right since the release of the very first episode. Pants Off Dance Off ran between 2006 and 2007. The show was created by Tad Low.


Pants Off Dance Off features stripteasers who dance while taking their clothes off. During each episode of Pants Off Dance Off five contestants dance on different music videos. The winner of each season was initially determined by the audience, who voted via text messages. However, rules changed a little during the third season of Pants Off Dance Off, when the winner was selected by judges.

Hosts also changed during the show. If in the first season of Pants Off Dance Off, the hosts were Tila Tequila and Krista Ayne, the second season was hosted by Jodie Sweetin. Wila Ford is the host of the third season of the show.

During each show and each season, new constants impressed the audience. Below you can meet some of them.

Sunny Lane was a contestant on Pants Off Dance Off back in 2006. She actually was the winner of the season.

One of the most debated performances on Pants Off Dance Off was the dance that Phu Pham presented his audience. You can watch it below.

Danielle is a memorable contestant of Pants Off Dance Off. Here is her video and her story.

As you can see this show features numerous contestants. Each of them is different, having an unique story. Only by watching all the episodes of Pants Off Dance Off you will find out more about the contestants. You will surely find out that some of them were really good, while others were not so much great dancers.

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Funny Pants Off Dance Off Contestants

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Pants Off Dance Off is a dance contest dating back to 2006, when it premiered on Fuse TV. The show featured stripteasers dancing while taking their clothes off. Currently, the show can be seen on its official website. Pants Off Dance Off consists of a series of episodes in which 5 contestants striptease to a music video. During the first two seasons, the winner was determined by the audience, which texted their vote.

The third season changed its format by including judges who selected the weekly winner. In 2009, the show changed its look once again, after it was launched on MTV’s Viva channel. While some contestants were pretty good, others did not have the “moves like Jagger”.

Here is a video of a really funny contestant who tried her luck at the Pants Off Dance Off competition. Her stage name is “Agent N” and she entered the competition in 2009.

Larry is another funny contestant. He is a salesman from New Jersey. He does not have the looks, but he surely has the attitude!

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Pants Off Dance Off Unedited

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If you are looking for a version of Pants Off Dance Off unedited then it may take a little longer than you have anticipated. You see, apparently there is no unedited footage available online. And you are not alone in this quest. As a matter of fact, there are probably hundreds of fans hoping to stumble across this footage on the web. But there is a little comfort in knowing that you can watch short clips of your favorite performer online using Google’s YouTube video uploading site.

Again, finding the television show Pants Off Dance Off unedited will be difficult to do online. And surprisingly, critics issued harsh words for the show. In fact, many called it “the dumbest show on television.” Because of the ‘implied” and explicit behavior, parents were warned that it was not appropriate for children. Even though the show promoted popular music, the whole premise behind the show was to have people undress or strip while dancing along to the videos.

Now, the show never showed complete nudity but viewers were able to see the contestants in different stages of undress. The videos often showed sexually explicit content and mild violence that is highly inappropriate for young children. Anyone could become an exhibitionist on the show and possible win a cash prize. Now, remember, although getting a copy of Pants Off Dance Off unedited is out of the question at the moment, you can still catch a glimpse of your favorite performer by watching reruns on the Fuse Network or video clips featured on YouTube.

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