Funny Pants Off Dance Off Contestants

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Pants Off Dance Off is a dance contest dating back to 2006, when it premiered on Fuse TV. The show featured stripteasers dancing while taking their clothes off. Currently, the show can be seen on its official website. Pants Off Dance Off consists of a series of episodes in which 5 contestants striptease to a music video. During the first two seasons, the winner was determined by the audience, which texted their vote.

The third season changed its format by including judges who selected the weekly winner. In 2009, the show changed its look once again, after it was launched on MTV’s Viva channel. While some contestants were pretty good, others did not have the “moves like Jagger”.

Here is a video of a really funny contestant who tried her luck at the Pants Off Dance Off competition. Her stage name is “Agent N” and she entered the competition in 2009.

Larry is another funny contestant. He is a salesman from New Jersey. He does not have the looks, but he surely has the attitude!

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