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Pants Off Dance Off is a popular dance contest. The show first premiered on April 18, 2006, on Fuse. Its popularity reached amazing levels right since the release of the very first episode. Pants Off Dance Off ran between 2006 and 2007. The show was created by Tad Low.


Pants Off Dance Off features stripteasers who dance while taking their clothes off. During each episode of Pants Off Dance Off five contestants dance on different music videos. The winner of each season was initially determined by the audience, who voted via text messages. However, rules changed a little during the third season of Pants Off Dance Off, when the winner was selected by judges.

Hosts also changed during the show. If in the first season of Pants Off Dance Off, the hosts were Tila Tequila and Krista Ayne, the second season was hosted by Jodie Sweetin. Wila Ford is the host of the third season of the show.

During each show and each season, new constants impressed the audience. Below you can meet some of them.

Sunny Lane was a contestant on Pants Off Dance Off back in 2006. She actually was the winner of the season.

One of the most debated performances on Pants Off Dance Off was the dance that Phu Pham presented his audience. You can watch it below.

Danielle is a memorable contestant of Pants Off Dance Off. Here is her video and her story.

As you can see this show features numerous contestants. Each of them is different, having an unique story. Only by watching all the episodes of Pants Off Dance Off you will find out more about the contestants. You will surely find out that some of them were really good, while others were not so much great dancers.

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