Pants Off Dance Off Unedited

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If you are looking for a version of Pants Off Dance Off unedited then it may take a little longer than you have anticipated. You see, apparently there is no unedited footage available online. And you are not alone in this quest. As a matter of fact, there are probably hundreds of fans hoping to stumble across this footage on the web. But there is a little comfort in knowing that you can watch short clips of your favorite performer online using Google’s YouTube video uploading site.

Again, finding the television show Pants Off Dance Off unedited will be difficult to do online. And surprisingly, critics issued harsh words for the show. In fact, many called it “the dumbest show on television.” Because of the ‘implied” and explicit behavior, parents were warned that it was not appropriate for children. Even though the show promoted popular music, the whole premise behind the show was to have people undress or strip while dancing along to the videos.

Now, the show never showed complete nudity but viewers were able to see the contestants in different stages of undress. The videos often showed sexually explicit content and mild violence that is highly inappropriate for young children. Anyone could become an exhibitionist on the show and possible win a cash prize. Now, remember, although getting a copy of Pants Off Dance Off unedited is out of the question at the moment, you can still catch a glimpse of your favorite performer by watching reruns on the Fuse Network or video clips featured on YouTube.

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