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Pants Off Dance Off was a televised dance competition in which both male and female contestants stripped their clothes while dancing to popular songs. It was created and produced by Tad Low. This program first aired on Fuse TV in 2006 and featured five contestants each episode. During this time, the competitors trash talked each other in pop-ups on the television while the other performers were dancing. Much like the other reality shows, the viewers decide the fate of the contestants, in this case the audience does by sending in their vote via text message in order to select the winner for that episode. In the third season, the audience participation was cut and a panel of judges decided on the winner. The winning contestant received a $200 cash prize as well as a chance to return in a championship round at the end of the season.

The show features a variety of contestants and welcomes all shapes, sizes, and experience levels. Some of the contestants are amateur strippers while others are serious dancers looking for their fifteen minutes of fame. Pants Off Dance Off showcased both real talent as well as hilarious spectacles where contestants simply generated a great laugh! Each contestant is referred to as a “pancer.”

The Pants Off Dance Off was first hosted by the popular internet celebrity Tila Tequila. The second season was then hosted by Jodie Sweetin, popular child star from “full House.” The third season was to be hosted by Willa Ford, but the show came to a halt midway through the season during February of 2008. It was during this time that a two day marathon of Pants Off Dance Off was played titled “The Last Strip”. In October of 2009, a version of Pants Off Dance off was launched in the U.K. on an MTV Channel titled Viva. Unlike the original Pants Off Dance Off, this show features no cash prize and no overall winner.

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